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Master Keying Systems

Geelong Master Keying Systems

State of the art master key systems in Geelong

Are you tired of having to sort through dozens of keys just to get into your office in the morning? Are you looking for a way to streamline your security systems to make your operations more efficient? If so then our master key systems may be just what you're looking for.

Designing your master key system

We can design, install and maintain master key systems of all shapes and sizes, ensuring the security of your business at all times. If you want to keep your key system with your current provider, we can still help to save you money on maintenance costs.

Take a look at the locks we cover below:

  • Abloy Protec
  • Abloy Classic
  • Bio Lock
  • Straight Line
  • Straight Six
  • All types of restricted keying systems

What is a master key system? 

A master key system involves creating one unique key that can access multiple locks. This key would usually be held by the boss or supervisor, allowing them to access all areas of the building while employees can only access their individual departments. 

What are the benefits?

  •  High-level security with fewer keys
  • Easy to use – only one key is needed for all relevant doors
  • Simplified and streamlined organisation
  • You can define exactly who has access to each area
  • All cylinder locks and types can be locked with just one key (main entrance doors, internal doors, garage doors, etc.)

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